The big event will be Saturday, October 19 and more than 150 volunteers are needed to support ArtsGoggle.

If you'd like to lend a hand, we need help each day from Thursday, October 17 to Sunday, October 20. Please mark these dates on your calendar and browse volunteer opportunities to see where you can best lend a hand.

Volunteer registration is now open and we'd sure appreciate your support.




Volunteers are the backbone of ArtsGoggle and trust me, we're going to need you! ArtsGoggle is produced by the small-but-mighty staff of Near Southside, Inc. and Near Southside Arts. But, if we are honest, ArtsGoggle is made possible by the efforts of an entire community. A community that includes YOU (we hope!).

Volunteer registration is now open. We hope you'll sign up for as an official member of the ArtsGoggle supercrew. Volunteer gets perks too, such as a very special volunteers-only ArtsGoggle t-shirt, a fun walkie-talkie to carry around at the festival, and access to an indoor restroom. That's right, no blue plastic potty for you.

On behalf of the entire ArtsGoggle team (a whopping 6 of us) we sincerely thank you offering to volunteer.

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Volunteers are needed on the following dates:

Thursday, October 17

Friday, October 18

Saturday, October 19

Sunday, October 20

Below are just some of the important roles that our volunteers take on during ArtsGoggle. The full list of volunteer shifts and duties is available to review on the official volunteer sign up form here.


SET-UP TEAM (7am-10am)
The Setup Team prepares the street for artist arrivals, answering any questions they may have as they arrive. Tasks include moving barricades and supplies, placing trash cans, signs, and other materials along the festival route.

BLOCK CAPTAINS (7:30am-12:30pm)

Block Captains will help direct the artists to place their tents along the street using a map provided to each block captain for their specific block. Block captains will ensure that the artists set up their tents side by side and that they simply unload their car and then move it to park before coming back to set up the tent so as not to create traffic jams on the street.

ARTIST LOUNGE HOSTS (2 or 4 hour shifts)
Supporting the artists is one of the most important jobs of the event. Artists lounges are a refuge from the busy and hectic festival. Indoors artists can take a break, enjoy a snack, and use indoor restroom facilities...a real luxury at ArtsGoggle. In fact, artist lounges support more than just the artists. They are the home base for our production team, sponsors, and volunteers too! Artist lounge hosts help to keep the snacks stocked and area generally clean while also serving as a friendly face and information point for questions or feedback. The best part is that host shifts are only 2 hours long so there is still plenty of time to enjoy the festival before or after your shift.

12:00pm-5:30pm; Shift 2 5:00pm-10:30pm)
Block Monitors will be assigned up to 3 two-block sections of the festival over the course of their shift. During their volunteer shift they will serve as the first point of contact for artists and festival patrons. Block Monitors will help answer questions, relieve artists for short breaks to run to the restroom and can offer their assistance in the event the artist needs help.

BREAK DOWN TEAM (9:30pm-11:00pm)

The Break Down Team monitors barricades and helps direct artists off the street. The team may also provide assistance with break-down such as taking apart barricades, picking up trash cans, signs, etc.

POST-EVENT CLEAN TEAM (10:00am-1:00pm)
The day after ArtsGoggle is maybe the hardest day for our small team so we're asking for your help with simple post-event tasks like taking down parking signs, moving barricades back to the curbs for pick up, and organizing event supplies back into their storage containers. There are jobs that are very physical (like moving barricades) and other jobs that are great low-impact tasks like sitting to sort and clean volunteer binders. There are so many tasks, big and small, that must be done to fully bring ArtsGoggle to a close. We'd greatly appreciate your help. This volunteer group will meet at 10am on Sunday, October 22 at the Near Southside offices located at 1606 Mistletoe Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 76104. From there we will divide and assign the tasks and head out to the street.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Questions? We're here to chat!

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities at ArtsGoggle, feel free to reach out to Natalie Atkinson, Volunteer Coordinator, at natalie@nearsouthsidefw.org

For more information regarding additional ArtsGoggle opportunities and Near Southside Inc., contact Megan Henderson, Director of Events & Communications at megan@nearsouthsidefw.org.