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April 23, 2022 | Noon to 10pm



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Donations needed! We've created an Amazon Wishlist for items that are needed in the ArtsGoggle artist and volunteer lounges where our teammates can pop in for snacks, first aid, or just a place to get out of the hubbub for a few minutes. A donation from this wishlist helps make ArtsGoggle a better experience for all involved. Thank you!

Volunteers make ArtsGoggle possible!
If you can lend a hand on ArtsGoggle day, learn more about how to get involved below.

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ArtsGoggle is Fort Worth's premier festival of local arts. This free-to-the-public, family-friendly event annually hosts more than 1,000 visual artists, 50 musical performances, artistic displays of every kind, food, drink, and fun for everyone. Unlike any event in Fort Worth, the festival exclusively focuses on highlighting the work of local artists, musicians, and performers of all media and experience levels. ArtsGoggle attracts a crowd of 60,000+ patrons that are as diverse as the event's Near Southside neighborhood. Visitors are invited to park their cars and rediscover this revitalized urban district by Trinity Metro transit, by foot, or by bicycle, including Fort Worth Bike Sharing bikes.

ArtsGoggle started 19 years ago as the Near Southside's own indoor gallery night, designed to showcase the district’s revitalization efforts underway via newly established businesses hosting one-day open houses in partnership with local artists. The event remained almost exclusively indoors for the first decade before spilling out onto the street. Today, visitors are invited to stroll artists' booths on Magnolia Avenue stretching more than a mile in length, and adjacent businesses, new and old, tout ArtsGoggle as their best day of sales each year.

ArtsGoggle prides itself in providing a casual, approachable, and vibrant environment for appreciating art and learning about the talents of our own community. For almost two decades, this non-juried art festival has been the launch pad for many artists showing their work for the first time. ArtsGoggle provides a supportive setting for both aspiring and professional artists with new collections to display, sell and discuss their artwork.

Accompanying the visual artists, the entertainment at ArtsGoggle heavily features local musicians and offers performances from a variety of genres. In addition, the event partners with arts organizations across Fort Worth to draw attention to their programs. In years past, ArtsGoggle has hosted the Fort Worth Opera for pop-up concerts; showcased Ballet Folklorico de Azteca for a colorful dance performance; and presented a stellar headliner performance from indie rocker Sarah Jaffe.

Outdoors, Centered along Magnolia Avenue from 8th Avenue to S. Main Street, 21 blocks, one mile stretch. A feast of art!

Indoors at participating Near Southside venues such as restaurants, bars, offices, and retailers who are hosting artists, live music, and other entertainment in celebration of ArtsGoggle!

Free to the public

An estimated attendance of 60,000+ attendees during the 10-hour event.


ArtsGoggle is produced by Near Southside Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in partnership with sister non-profit organization Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside, Inc. is a private, member-funded, non-profit 501(c)(4) development company dedicated to the revitalization of Fort Worth’s Near Southside. NSI began as a small coalition of Near Southside businesses and community leaders and has grown dramatically over the last two decades. We invite you to join us as we promote the redevelopment of Fort Worth’s Near Southside as a vibrant, urban, mixed-use neighborhood.


Hey friends, a quick word from your trusty event producers (before you email)!

Thanks for your interest in, and support of, this year's ArtsGoggle. We are so excited and hope you are, too! As you know it's been a very unusual year and our small-but-mighty team is pretty far behind our traditional production timelines (eek!) as we work to put the wheels back on this very important community event. If you're searching for information that isn't available on this website, we need to ask for your patience. It's coming. It's probably just not available yet. We are working to update the website in real time as more details are known.

We have one big favor to ask: please wait to email us for information about the basic things such as applications that aren't published yet, parking instructions, details about the special features of this year's event, etc. We know you want those details and heck, we want them, too.

An example of the basic stuff that needs your patience: Want to volunteer? GREAT, save the date and watch for volunteer registration to open as soon as possible. I promise we're going to need you. Instead of emailing us, please subscribe to our newsletter where you'll be notified as soon as we do!

An example of something that might warrant an email now: Want to bring your elephant to ArtsGoggle and offer rides? Uhhhh, that is something you might want to email us about now because we don't expect to be sharing "elephants at ArtsGoggle information" anytime soon. See where I'm going here?

Please save contacting us for just three reasons:

  • Sponsorships or donations! Oh yes friends, like any true non-profit we are eager to take those emails and promise you'll get a super fast-response.
  • Time sensitive requests that will make or break your decision about participating in this year's ArtsGoggle. If you need to know now, email us and we'll do our best to help answer your question.
  • Weird stuff. If your questions relates to something that isn't part of the "traditional ArtsGoggle" then let's talk about it now so that we can decide if it is a good fit for this year.

Remember, joining our email list helps you get the information first.

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Megan Henderson

Director of Events + Communications

Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside Arts

1606 Mistletoe Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Natalie Atkinson

Events + Projects Manager

Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside Arts

1606 Mistletoe Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76104


Visit this website for regular updates and announcements or subscribe to our Near Southside Newsletter to be notified of event details as they become available. Thank you for your support for this important community festival.