ArtsGoggle is proud to announce our 2022 featured artist. From the long line of meandering miscreants, comes the universe that is Sandy Jones.

Sandy is from Oceanside, California and has been painting for 40 years. He is able to draw inspiration for his pieces from growing up in such a culturally diverse environment. Having painted large scale murals, hundreds of graffiti productions, and being a part of the California hip hop scene of the 80s & 90s, Sandy developed a unique voice and style that are reflected in each of his pieces.

Now, Sandy has pulled each piece from off the sides of trains and from the hidden underpasses to move his street art into the spotlight. Sandy moved to Texas in 2013, soon after met his wife Carrie, and they set their eyes on making Near Southside home. That became a reality when they moved their family business, Arcadia Coffee, to the Near Southside in 2018. Having his own family roots in Texas, he began to start exploring artistic styles where his new and old worlds would meet. With connections made through their family business, and events like ArtsGoggle, Sandy has found his place in Fort Worth.

The series featured at the 2022 ArtsGoggle is a culmination of a long reflection on Sandy's community here in the Near Southside. Titled "Miles of Smiles", Sandy's 2022 ArtsGoggle featured works signal a joyous return of community, gathering, and friendship as we all look forward to ArtsGoggle day.

We are honored to spotlight our friend Sandy Jones.

Watch for more details about Sandy's booth location to be shared soon. For now, you can follow Sandy's ArtsGoggle journey at:

Website: (under construction)



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