2023 AG jack Daw Announce

2023 ArtsGoggle Featured Artist

This year, ArtsGoggle is celebrating our 20th anniversary. As we looked back on two decades of accomplishment, creativity and community we knew exactly who should take the spotlight for this landmark year. Jackdaw embodies the spirit of ArtsGoggle in every way imaginable. From his immense creativity to his generous support of other artists, his evergreen presence as a community leader and his irreverent humor - Jackdaw is ArtsGoggle! Jackdaw has partnered with the festival for as long as we can remember, appearing as both a visual artist and a musician each year for more than a decade.

In addition, Jackdaw and his wife Shannon are staples at all of our Near Southside, events (hello, Friday on the Green!) I’m not sure we have ever attended an art show or community festival without bumping into this power couple of the arts. Often, Jackdaw’s impressive folk-oriented linocut artworks are on display at those exhibitions as well as hanging proudly in the homes of art collectors across the southwest. Jack’s irreverent humor and careful craftsmanship have graced the posters, album covers, and merchandise of some of the state’s most noteworthy bands, too.

Busy as ever, Jackdaw also curates and organizes a recurring art market at Liberty Lounge FW, the Liberty Lowdown, on a monthly basis. He can slap a bass better than anyone we know (check out Crooked Bones if you don’t know them) and has taken the stage of every music venue in a tri-state area.More than anything, Jackdaw is all around talented, humble, and friendly guy representing true spirit of the Near Southside. His professionalism and dedication are undeniable. Jackdaw has given so much to our community that it is an honor to turn the spotlight on him for the 2023 ArtsGoggle by showcasing his artwork on this years shirts, signage, and marketing materials! Give the dude a follow.


My works are small, linoleum-cut art prints. They generally depict pop-culture figures with various twists and are heavily texas-centric. I’m your dad’s favorite artist.

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The 2023 ArtsGoggle graphics are a collaborative effort. Each year, the ArtsGoggle staff comprised of Megan, Natalie, Jeff, Mike, Austin and Becky select one featured artist to inspire the year's branded event materials. The process to identify an artist includes reviewing all 1000+ artist applications and thinking carefully about the people and works that best represent the spirit of ArtsGoggle. And also, trusting our instinct on what stands out. Trust me, there are hundreds of great candidates each year. We hope you all live to be 200 years old so that we one day offer you the featured artist honor on day, too!

Once an artist is chosen and accepts this special recognition, Near Southside Creative Director Jeff "Woody" Wood takes over on leading the design of the ArtsGoggle designs. Working closely with the artist, Woody spends countless hours scanning artwork and extracting key elements of the art to then reassemble it in extraordinary new ways. This is no small task. Extracting artworks from their canvas and reimagining the pieces for allllll of the needed ArtsGoggle formats, from stage banners to print advertisements, artist badges to digital promotions takes serious skill. He may never read this part of the website (Can you tell that he didn't build this page?) but Woody has more than earned his status as our Standing Featured Artist of the Near Southside. His creativity, passion, and whimsical approach to representing all of the projects of the Near Southside make him a key part of the featured artist team.

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