Block 10 - Jan Riggins Art - SE corner of SiNaCa Studios parking lot

Jan Riggins Bio:

I'm a largely self-taught artist who started out as a musician. All through high-school and college I was a very competitive clarinetist. I grew up around artists as my mother painted every Christmas card by hand and my grandmother filled all of our houses with her paintings. After college, I began everything involved with being an adult and working a full-time job and found that I missed creating. I realized whether it was music or art, I had a definite need to "create." Colored pencils and eventually watercolors filled that void.​

Starting in March of 2020, my daughter (Olivia) and I began chalking on our driveway and sidewalk. This soon became a nightly activity and we enjoy choosing different themes and subjects to explore. ​

I now chalk for companies and at festivals across the world, with Olivia helping when she can. We enjoy bringing 3D creations to life!