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IF YOU HAVE ALREADY APPLIED TO ARTSGOGGLE, we are reviewing your applications as quickly as we can to send approvals. If you are an artist, who makes art, and has submitted an application with a well-written artist statement and good quality photos of your artwork, you will be approved. The only applications denied are those where the work presented is not art, is not made by the artist who has applied, or is not appropriate for a festival environment.


The formal deadline for artist applications has closed. ArtsGoggle organizers are now turning our full attention to review and approval of all applications submitted prior to August 2, 2023. We are now accepting late applications to the festival under a new ‘waitlist application’ process. Artists submitting waitlist applications will not pay to apply, but instead will submit free applications using a promo code. Waitlist applications will be held for review by ArtsGoggle organizers until in the event that space becomes available for additional artists to be invited to participate after all regular registration applications have been reviewed and placed as priority. Waitlist applications will only be considered for approval on ArtsGoggle blocks 15-21, Magnolia Avenue from Hemphill Street to S. Main Street.


STEP 1 Click here to enter the Near Southside User Portal. For new users, create a login and password for our Near Southside portal. You will receive an email to activate your account. You can then return to the User Portal to get started.For established users, login using the same username and password that was used for last year’s ArtsGoggle.

STEP 2 Next, fill out the brief ‘Get Started’ form with your name and business. Then, on the ‘Confirm Your Order’ page YOU MUST APPLY THE WAITLIST DISCOUNT CODE prior to checkout to remove all charges. Enter waitlist in the discount code box and make sure to update your cart before checking out. You should see that your total price will appear to be $0.00. If so, checkout.

STEP 3 Complete your ArtsGoggle Artist Application. The earlier, the better.Your application will be accessible to you from the user portal and you can return to it at your convenience to finalize and submit. We strongly encourage submitting a completed application as soon as possible. Only fully-completed applications will be reviewed for acceptance at ArtsGoggle.

STEP 4 Wait. Our team must first review and approve all of the applications that were submitted by the original deadline. Your application will be reviewed if we have space to invite additional artists. We will notify you via email if you have been moved off the ArtsGoggle wait list and invited to participate in this year’s ArtsGoggle. IF that does happen, proceed to step 5.

STEP 5 Waitlisted artists who are invited to this year’s ArtsGoggle will be sent a payment link for the $100 artist application fee. Once your fee has been paid, you will be approved to participate and will receive the same communications as other participating artists. Your quick action to pay your artist fee will be critical, as your approval is likely to come very near ArtsGoggle.

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IN PROGRESS - This status means that you have purchased an application and started working on it but very importantly you have not completed the application and submitted it for our review. If your application remains in the status, it will not be approved for ArtsGoggle. Please log back into the user portal. You'll want to reopen your existing application (do not purchase a new one please), review, complete and "Save and Submit" this application for our review. If you haven't done this already, please do it urgently.

PENDING REVIEW - This is good news! Pending review means you have completed your application and are awaiting our review. Please note, most ArtsGoggle applications currently have this status. We are working to review your application as quickly as we can. No action is needed from you at this time. Most applications will be accepted to ArtsGoggle. The only reason we reject an application is if the artwork submitted does not meet our criteria for acceptance to the festival (meaning what you submitted isn't art). There is a really good chance that you will be approved.

- This is the best news. You have been approved for this year's ArtsGoggle. We are now working to review other artist applications so that we can collectively notify you all of your block assignment, arrival time, space reservation, and all of the other pertinent details for your participation in this year's ArtsGoggle. Please wait patiently for those details but start planning to join us for this year's event. If you have requested a larger booth size, you will be approved for the additional space. We cannot yet guarantee your block assignment, so please promote your participation but don't share a location yet. No other action is needed from you at this time.

CORRECTION REQUIRED - This status means that we have reviewed your application and noticed that something wasn't quite right. Common mistakes are when photos are missing or not a good enough quality to publish. Other issues we commonly see are incomplete artist statements, confusion with the question about your pronouns, and placing your business name in the artist psyeudonym field. When your application status is changed to "correction required" you will receive an email notice and we will share what problems need your attention. Please watch your email carefully during this review period. To correct an application simply return to the user portal, log in, open your existing application, make the corrections and once again save and submit for our review. We will automatically be notified that you're ready for our review again.

- This status references applications where an artist has decided to cancel their participation in the festival.

REJECTED - It is extremely rare for us to reject an application. This status is used when an application simply does not meet the artist requirements for participation. The most common reasons that we reject an application are related to the artwork not being made by the applicant such as MLM products, promotional booths for services the art artwork, or other non-art requests that didn't read the rules when applying. We're sure this won't be you.


Natalie and Megan are a two-person review team for all applications. For questions regarding your application please contact us at or

Near Southside User Portal


Artists are defined as visual artists working in studio arts. Painters, photographers, woodworkers, weavers, printmakers, sculptors, potters, jewelers, illustrators, and artists of all media may register online.


  • You must be an artist selling or showcasing artwork that you have made. No MLM or corporate mass production work will be accepted. Pre-fabricated items that are modified will only be accepted if the modifications are significantly artistic in nature. For example, tumblers with font-based decals applied to them will not qualify as art. To be accepted, all artwork should be the product of an artist's unique artistic expression and skill. All acceptances are at the discretion of festival organizers. Culinary artists should refer to the "fine print" section for details about how to qualify as an artist.
  • Your artwork must be deemed appropriate for a festival environment.

  • You must be in attendance the day of the event.

  • All artists, unless working as "collaborating artists" (see definition below) must apply individually even if you are planning to share a booth space.

  • You need to be aware of the supplies that you are required to bring to the festival, list below.

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This is a non-refundable application fee and is the only fee to participate in ArtsGoggle if approved.

50% STUDENT DISCOUNT Students and children may request a discounted application fee of $50. To qualify for this discounted rate, please email with details about the age, schooling, and professional experience of the artist. If we are able to verify that the artist is a student or child, a promo code will be offered via email to discount your application rate to only $50.

50% INDOOR ARTIST DISCOUNT If you have made private arrangements with an indoor venue for ArtsGoggle, then we are happy to extend a discounted artist registration fee of only $50 since we will not need to provide electricity or other infrastructure to you at the festival. PRIOR TO PURCHASING YOUR APPLICATION, please email to receive the Indoor Artist Discount Code by sharing the name of your indoor venue. Once you have the discount code, you can proceed to purchasing your ArtsGoggle application, and when completing your application you'll select "INSIDE A PRIVATE VENUE" when asked about your location preference.

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Magnolia Avenue is the primary venue for artists at ArtsGoggle. We strongly suggest that you select this location for the festival if you do not already have arrangements for another location. ArtsGoggle closes Magnolia Avenue to car traffic from 8th Avenue to South Main Street, more than a mile in length, and opens the street to host more 1,000 art booths and two stages. This creates an exciting atmosphere that completely transforms the street into a vibrant public space and also provides a premium experience for artists participating outdoors.

ArtsGoggle site plan aligns all of the artists booths in the center of Magnolia Ave., with artist tents placed side-by-side and back-to-back. You may request either a 10' x 10' booth space or an expanded booth space of 10' x 20' for no additional charge. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE TENT FOR THE ARTIST. Outdoor artists will be given street space and power for lighting, but all other supplies are the responsibility of the artist. Artist will be assigned to a specific block and will be given a scheduled arrival and set up time based on their assigned position on the street. Artists may request a specific block assignment in the application process. We will work to accommodate all artist requests but cannot guarantee that your request for a specific block can be fulfilled. Artists may also request the opportunity to participate on the same block as another registered artist with the festival. We will also work to ensure we fulfill these requests to our best ability.



If you check out without that promo code, you will not receive the discount after the fact and we will not issue a refund. We strongly encourage all artists to participate outdoors on Magnolia Avenue, as this is the primary event site at ArtsGoggle, unless you have already made arrangements with a private venue in the Near Southside to host your art indoors. Indoor venues that are located along Magnolia Avenue often have great for traffic but participating at that venue means the artist must make all venue arrangements directly with the venue.

All participating venues must also register using the "venue application" in order to host an artist and be listed in the ArtsGoggle program. Participating as an official ArtsGoggle venue is free for Near Southside, Inc. Members and is $100 for non-member venues. Please make sure your venue is aware of this when discussing participation with them. Please make sure your venue is also registered for the festival prior to July 26, 2023 when registration closes.


ALL ARTISTS MUST REGISTER, regardless if you are sharing a booth.

SHARING A BOOTH? APPLY SEPARATELY AND SHOW TOGETHER - We welcome artists to share a booth/tent space if you wish. When filling out your application you will be able to indicate that you would like to share a booth and you can also tell us which artist you are planning on sharing with. We promise we will pair the two sharing artists together so that you receive the same block assignment, arrival time, and single reserved space so that there is no confusion for your arrival and set up instructions. To make this possible, it is critical that both artists should indicate the same “sharing” plans on their individual applications. We require that both participating artists, regardless of sharing, register for the event. We do not charge "booth fees" but instead only charges "application fees" that are required for each participating artist regardless of how much space they take up at the festival. There is no additional fee to participate if accepted. We are representing artists, not space.

COLLABORATING ARTISTS CAN APPLY TOGETHER USING ONE APPLICATION WITH BOTH NAMES LISTED - If the artwork shown is the EQUAL collaborative effort of two artists, you may apply only once using both names so long as each of the artists are not representing artworks made independent of the other artist. For example, if your artwork is knives and one artist makes the metal blade and the other artists makes the wooden handle, you are considered collaborators and can use a single application. Basically, do you both contribute to each individual piece of work shown? If so, register using one application with both names. If not, both artists must register separately. If you are artists who show together regularly (such as partners often do) where one artist makes wooden bowls and the other artist makes metal sculptures, then you must register separately even if you are planning to share a booth. We do not charge "booth fees" but instead only charges "application fees" that are required for each participating artist regardless of how much space they take up at the festival. There is no additional fee to participate if accepted. We are representing artists, not space.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications must be completed and submitted for review by midnight on Friday, July 26. There will be NO EXTENSION offered and artists who do not complete their application on time will forfeit their position at ArtsGoggle with no refund.

EVENT DATE: Saturday, October 21, 2023

HOURS: Noon to 10pm

SET UP: Artist set up begins as early as 8:00am, depending on your assigned block.

FEE: $100 PER ARTIST non-refundable application fee. This is the only fee to participate in ArtsGoggle. Each year as ArtsGoggle grows, so do the operating costs of the event. The event has grown from 62 artists in 2013 to hosting more than 1,000 artists across more than 21 blocks and two miles of street closed to traffic in 2022. The 2022 ArtsGoggle attracted more than 60,000 patrons and we anticipate an equally large crowd this year. Your $100 helps us make this possible. Help us, help you have a great show.

Please do not apply if you are selling factory-made or mass-produced items. No direct sales or multi-level marketing companies allowed. Applications such as these will be rejected without refund. Art that is clearly not the original work of the artist, that is imported or purchased from a wholesaler or artwork that is deemed inappropriate (example: discriminatory or offensive) by Management will not be considered, and if it is identified during the festival the artist/booth attendant will be asked to leave without refund. There is no minimum or maximum for the number of works shown. Please use good judgement in providing enough artwork to have a strong presence but not so much that it overwhelms our booth, venue or the patrons. Simply put, ArtsGoggle only allows for the sale of artwork made by the artist presenting it at the festival. Reproductions of your own artwork, such as prints or giclée, are accepted.


  • You must be an artist selling or showcasing artwork that you have made. No MLM or corporate mass-production work. Pre-fabricated items that are modified will only be accepted if the modifications are significantly artistic in nature. For example, tumblers with font-based decals applied to them will not qualify as art. To be accepted, all artwork should be the product of an artist's unique artistic expression and skill. All acceptances are at the discretion of festival organizers.
  • Your artwork must be deemed appropriate for a festival environment.
  • You must be in attendance the day of the event.
  • All artists must apply individually even if you are planning to share a booth space.
  • You need to be aware of the supplies that you are required to bring to the festival that will be provided in writing if your application is approved for participation.

ELECTRICITY: ArtsGoggle provides generators throughout the Magnolia Avenue OUTDOOR festival site for and will coordinate a power connection for each artist during set up. We are able to provide a sufficient amount of power for each artist to have LED booth lights (we strongly recommend using LED lights if possible) and to charge ONE small electronic device. Our power supply is not sufficient for items with motors, fans or for booths needing a substantial amount of lighting. If you would like to discuss additional power accommodations, please make sure to detail this request on your application. Artists participating at ArtsGoggle at an indoor venue should discuss power arrangements directly with the venue.

ARTISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING TENT AND ALL DISPLAY ITEMS NEEDED. This includes tents, tables, chairs, lights, hanging surfaces, etc. We do not provide tents, tables or chairs to artists. You will be responsible for bringing your own lighting, power strips and extension cords as well.

CULINARY ARTISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL FOOD FOR CONSUMPTION AT ARTSGOGGLE. All food items must be packaged for consumption AFTER the event. For example, homemade jam, packaged spice rubs, or bottled sauces are allowed to register as Culinary Artists. Homemade cookies, toffee, or popcorns are NOT allowed to register as Culinary Artist because they can be easily eaten on site and should instead register as Food Vendors using a different application. Food sales for consumption at the event are the exclusive right of the ArtsGoggle food vendors who pay $250 to participate. If you would like to participate as an ArtsGoggle food vendor, please apply using that application.

Artist positions cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person, nor can they be shared with another independent artist without written approval.

Acceptance and non-acceptance of applications will be at the sole discretion of ArtsGoggle Management and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting with approval the expectation for quality, diversity and artistic merit.

CREDIT CARD STATEMENT Please note, your ArtsGoggle application payment will show up on your statement as HISTORIC SOUTHSIDE, INC. (the original name of our company before we began using the dba Near Southside Arts)

CANCELLATIONS Notification of non-attendance is required. If no notification is given the artist will be prohibited from participating in all future events. Your $100 application fee will not be refunded, as this is not a participation fee but instead an application fee, so even with notice of cancellation we cannot provide refunds.


  • Tent (10’x10’ or 10’x20’ based on your space request, any color is fine) We highly recommend Ez Up Tents, as they are sturdy, lightweight (in comparison to others) and have the necessary additions such as shelter walls, tent weights, and lighting systems that you may need.
  • Tent weights - You must bring at least four tent weights to secure the legs of your tent. We cannot use stakes, as we will be set up on the street, so heavy tent weights are important for everyone’s security. October is often windy. Be prepared.
  • LED lights for your booth - we highly recommend LED because our power supply is limited and LED’s help make the most efficient use of our generators.
  • An outdoor extension cord
  • An outdoor power strip
  • Display items for your artwork
  • A chair - this really makes the day so much more enjoyable
  • Comfortable shoes. Really, this is an important suggestion.
  • A trash bag. You'll inevitably have your own trash to manage at the event. Please come prepared and don't rely solely on our festival trash cans that are designed for public use and may not be avaialble to you when you set up or breakdown at ArtsGoggle.
  • Battery backups for your phone and/or electronic device. The power is not on the minute ArtsGoggle begins so it’s important to bring a battery backup device to keep your phone/ipad charged to make sales and stay aware of festival alerts. Email will be our primary means of community during the event so you’ll want to make sure to have your mail accessible on your phone please.
  • A helper for set up - if possible, we highly recommend they arrive in your car with you. After you unload onto the street, and before you set up your tent, you’ll need them to go park the car for you. Cars cannot stay on the street while you set up your booth.
  • A support person to help you throughout the day. ArtsGoggle is a 14+ hour endurance test, make sure you have some backup!
  • A small cooler with drinks (non-alcoholic) for you and your team. This must remain hidden from the public in order to comply with our food vendor policy.
  • Signs! Your booth with be among nearly one thousand others so make sure to plan for how you will stand out among the crowd. Booths with strong branding, such as signs that can easily be seen from a distance, memorable color choices, and inviting entry spaces are always more successful at public festivals. Make sure to consider the wind when printing signs. We recommend "blow through vinyl mesh" for any large-scale printed pieces.

WEATHER POLICY Management is not responsible for adverse weather conditions so there are NO REFUNDS FOR THIS REASON. The event will operate in varying weather conditions and artist must be prepared for adverse weather. Depending on the severity of the weather forecast, ArtsGoggle Management reserves the right to delay the event opening, close early, cancel the event, or postpone to another date for the safety of all involved. If ArtsGoggle is delayed, cancelled, or postponed due to weather all artists will be notified via email with as much advanced notice as possible. We understand the amount of time, effort and money that is required to participate in an event such as ArtsGoggle and greatly appreciate your commitment. All decisions will be made keeping in mind the substantial investments that are made by participating artist, food vendors, sponsors, entertainers, venues and volunteers. PLEASE, we cannot stress this enough, please keep your phone or other devices charged and handy so that you are able to monitor your email beginning 72 hours prior to ArtsGoggle and during the event. Artists who have work that is especially vulnerable to weather must use their best judgment about the risks of participating in an outdoor event. If an artist should choose not to participate due to adverse weather conditions, we request that the artist notify management via email. Management will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions.


Megan Henderson

Director of Events + Communications

Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside Arts

1606 Mistletoe Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Natalie Atkinson

Events + Projects Manager

Near Southside, Inc.

Near Southside Arts

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